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Welcome to our family run Tampa Rat Extermination company.  We are proud to say that we have been trapping rats and rodents throughout the Tampa Bay area for 23+ years and are second to none!  Our company has been recognized as an industry leader and awarded various readers choice awards. 

2011 Gold Winner, Best of Suncoast News

Small Business of the Year, St. Petersburg Times

Small Business of the Year, Pasco Chamber of Commerce


Tampa Rat Exterminator  

Getting rid of rats can sometimes seem to be a nightmare for a homeowner.  As you may have learned, “do it yourself” baits and poisons will often result in the rats dying in the walls of your home which creates an unsanitary situation and a scent that you will not too soon forget!  Experience the quality and enjoy the reasonability of our Tampa Rat Exterminator 

services that so many are talking about. Leave it to the best Tampa pest exterminator professionals to make sure your problem is resolved in a quick, safe and permanent manner.

Tampa Rodent Control

A variety of rodents such as Roof Rats, Citrus Rats and Norway Rats inhabit our Tampa Bay area with their constantly growing incisor teeth that gnaw their way through our homes and businesses.  Let us restrict these critters from chewing their way any further into your home or business with our Tampa Rodent Control program that will first begin with an inspection of your home or office to figure out exactly how these guys are getting in.  This will allow us to put together a comprehensive plan for permanently keeping rats out.              

Tampa Rat Control

Our Tampa Rat Control program will rodent proof your home against future visits from these unwanted guests for any of the openings that we’ve sealed up and comes with our one-year warranty or experience our lifetime warranty if you are a customer on our inexpensive perimeter pest control program.  

Tampa Squirrel trapping and Removal

We will safely trap and remove your squirrel friends from your home through squirrel friendly live trap removal and place them far, far away so that they won’t wreak havoc on your home any longer. Tampa squirrel trapping and removal…for a humane method of getting rid of your squirrels.

Keeping Rats Rodents & Squirrels out Permanently  

Our Rodent Exclusion services is what’s needed for  keeping Rats Rodents & Squirrels out Permanently   

 Tampa Rodent Exterminator

Let us get rid of your rodent problem through our guaranteed, affordable program.  We’ll permanently seal up any identified openings that have allowed the rodents in and quickly remove them from within your home through a series of baiting, trapping and removing rodents that will include unlimited, visits at no additional charge to your home until the problem is gone. As our Tampa Rodent Exterminator service is second to none

Tampa Exterminator

Often times, we are the second or third company that a homeowner has had to call to get rid of rats.  Don’t waste your time on others that may not have the experience, utilize our Tampa Exterminator Services first!  Our owner and qualified technicians have the education and experience to address your unique situation quickly and effectively.

St Pete FL Rat Exterminator

Exterminating rats and rodents in St Pete can be a very daunting task in itself. The biggest challenge being St Pete has the largest rat and rodent population in the state of FL. Not to mention when one throws into the mix the complexity of the 10′s of thousands of older crawl space dwellings built with many flaws all around the building allowing access points under the dwelling which guarantees rodents easy access to within your home or office building.  Our St Pete FL Rat Exterminator program works!


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