Keeping Rats, Rodents & Squirrels out Permanently

Seal Entry Points Permanently

Our Rodent Exclusion repair service and guarantee is like none other.  This is where we excel at being the best Tampa Rat/Rodent Exterminator in the area.

It’s sad to say for many homeowners, but due to poor workmanship when houses are built, rats, rodents and squirrels have no problem walking into your new home.  It is extremely common for homes within every value range to require some sort of exclusion work to prevent rats and all kinds of rodents from effortlessly entering your homes and/or attic for shelter.  
After 24+ years experience trapping rats and preventing them from accessing homes, we understand the complexity of various structures, and can address every possible roof opening.  Did you know that a rat needs an opening as small as only 1/4 of an inch to gain access into one’s home? The possibility of the amount of these small openings that can exist throughout ones roofline that could allow rats and rodents access in most every case can seem like an endless yet impossible challenge to overcome (for any homeowner or even the average rodent inspector).   This is where David Nelson’s 24+ year repairing/preventing and rodent exclusion experience comes to your aid and gives us an advantage over the competition.  His ability to outsmart rats has made him Tampa Bay’s #1 reasonably priced Rat Killer!

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