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Dead Rat Removal

may be what you need if you are smelling a rancid smell in your home that cannot be identified.  There could be a dead rat somewhere in your attic or worse yet, somewhere in your home’s walls. Tyically this is caused by someone nearby using rat poison to control their rats and now the dying rat has made it’s way into your structure and died somewhere.

Identifying where the dead rat could be is not always an easy job and is best left for a trained professional.  There are many different approaches to narrowing down where the dead rat may be as the dead rat odor begins to permeate throughout the entire structure.  Call for our Tampa FL dead rat animal removal service.

Once the dead rat is removed from your home, then our dead rat removal and animal waste clean up – removing smell or odor’s service can have your home back to it’s clean, peaceful self in no time.


If you’re looking for a Cost effective solution to your Tampa, FL Dead Rat - Animal Removal Service

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