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Finding The Best Tampa Mice Removal and Extermination Services for your needs

Let us take care of your Tampa Mice Removal.  We understand your frustrations, you are not alone…we have aided thousands of customers with the ability to sleep in peace again.  If you are experiencing any of the following, let us know:

• rustling in your walls and attic

• droppings in your home or attic

• hearing strange noises (especially at night)

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Tampa Mice Extermination

3-Step Process

1)  Contact Us for your Tampa Mice Removal concerns and tell us what you’re hearing and seeing and we’ll schedule an appointment to come out and inspect

2)  Our owner, David Nelson will personally meet with you and listen to what you have been experiencing, will perform a thorough inspection to identify any openings/problem areas and advise you of his recommendation of the work needed and pricing

3)  We will seal up the identified openings with aluminum flashing and/or commercial grade wire mesh and set a generous amount of snap traps to catch the mice that are inside.  Tampa Mice removal will return within 1-3 days to remove the mice that have been caught and rebait/reset the traps and will return at no additional charge as needed to continue to remove the mice and reset the traps. 



If you’re looking for a Cost effective solution to your Tampa Mice Removal and Extermination Needs 

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