Tampa Rat Control

Our Tampa Rat Control

service will quickly identify and seal up each and every opening of your structure at an affordable price putting an end to your Tampa Rat problems. 

Our 24+ years experience allows us to pinpoint with absolute certainty all the entry locations causing your rat infestation. 

We will professionally address them by closing each one of them up with an industrial grade aluminum flashing and/or wire mesh and/or foam depending on the aesthetics needed at each location.  At this phase of the job, there is a 50/50 chance that the rats are either sealed in your homes attic or that they are now sealed outside.   At that, we will place a generous amount of snap traps to exterminate immediately any rats trapped within your home bringing your problem to an end quickly. 

At no additional charge for the entire next year, with our Tampa Rat Control you will have access to us for free unlimited return visits including re-baiting of previously laid traps and removal of any rats.

Only by approaching your home or office in this manner, can a homeowner demand to have the JOB PERFORMED CORRECTLY THE FIRST TIME….This is where we are different from our competitors who have the POTENTIAL to keep charging you $75.00-$90.00 (possibly unlimited) return chargeable visits directly resulting from the rat professional not sealing up 100% of all possible openings (as is the way with many of our local competitors).     

"Pied Piper" David Nelson

As the best Tampa Rat Exterminator,

we take pride in offering customer service second to none and have for the past 20+ years.  As your Tampa Rat Exterminator, we stand by all of our work and are so confident that we can get rid of a rat infestation, that we guarantee all of our rodent work with a one-year warranty or you can simply upgrade to a lifetime warranty by just being one of our valued quarterly pest control customers (where we will further excel in giving you an insect free home while also saving you even more money!).


  If you’re looking for a Cost effective solution from an experienced exterminator for your Tampa Rat Control Problem 

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We proudly service the entire Tampa,Florida area.


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