Tampa Rat Exterminator



Tampa Rat Exterminator 

Our Tampa Rat Exterminator services will guarantee you a cost effective solution to getting rid of the rats that have taken up residence in your home. 

We exterminate your rat population through a widespread trapping process only using humane rat traps with bait and rat attractant/lures as it is proven to be the quickest and most effective method to get rid of rats.  

Tampa Rat Inspection Services

Our Tampa Rat Exterminator Inspection services begin with a thorough inspection of your home or business.  This is to identify exactly how the rats are accessing your structure.  After this inspection, our owner will discuss with you his findings and present his recommendations and pricing as all home construction flaws are uniquely different in how they are designed and or put together in Florida. Therefore, not every phone quote given can reflect the accurately of all needed/ required work for every home 100% of the time.

Our upfront pricing will include sealing up all of the openings that are allowing the rats entry and includes free and unlimited return visits for trapping and removal of your rats.

Our Tampa Rat Infestation control and removal 

Your Tampa Rat Infestation control will include unlimited, no charge follow-ups unlike most of our competitors.  Follow-up begins just 1-3 days after the completion of the sealing up of your home and a generous amount of snap traps will always be set in your attic, ensuring  that we will quickly get rid of your Tampa rat infestation in the shortest time frame possible. During the following days and weeks, we will return to remove what has been caught while rebaiting and resetting the traps free of charge.  This approach allows us to evaluate and measure the success of your Tampa rat infestation as it’s eliminated.   

As Easy as 1-2-3

•  Contact us if you are hearing gnawing/rustling noises  in your attic/walls (especially at night) or if you see droppings in your kitchen, bedrooms or attic

•  Our owner will meet with you and do the inspection, make his recommendation and provide the best solution to quickly eliminate your rat infestation

•   We will seal up the openings and set the traps and you’ll quickly be on your way to a peaceful night sleep once again

If you’re looking for a Cost effective and Experienced Tampa Rat Exterminator

CALL NOW to schedule an appointment!!!  

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Our family owned company proudly services the entire Tampa,Florida area from Brandon to McDill to the Skyway Bridge into Tierra Verde, north up the beaches of St. Petersburg to Spring Hill and east to Zephyrhills and all areas in between.

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