Tampa Rodent Control


Tampa Rodent Control    

Services are commonly requested if any the following is occurring within or around your home or office

•  Gnawing and Rustling Noises in your attic and walls?

•  Hearing strange noises especially at night?

•  Seeing rodent droppings within your attic, closet or kitchen counter, cabinets or floors?

•  Seeing a furry shadow running along your baseboards late in the night.

Rodent Inspection

Contact us today for your Tampa Rodent Control and Exterminator and we’ll have our owner come out and inspect your structure to identify the areas that are allowing your unwanted rodents access inside your home or commercial building.  At that time, after a thorough inspection, his professional recommendation will be made and you will be advised of our all-inclusive price that will not just include sealing up your openings but unlimited, no charge, return visits for trapping and removal of every single unwanted rodent in your home. Is our work GUARANTEED? YES! Every structure and opening we seal comes with a one-year WARRANTY. Only by approaching your home or office in this manner can a homeowner properly budget or choose a company to perform all the required work to keep the rodents out AND without any return visit charges to you!

Home Repair service Preventing Rodents

An appointment will be made for us to return or in some cases we can arrange to do your job immediately and seal up your openings that have been identified.  With our rodent repair service we use industry standard Aluminum flashing and/or wire-mesh ensuring you a proessional sealing up solution of each and every point of entry the rodents have created.  Rest assured, our proven techniques will also be aesthetically eye appealing when finished…while also ensuring that no more rodents will get into any opening we seal up.  In addition to our guarantee, if for some reason a determined rodent is able to somehow rip apart our wire mesh, we will redo any of our damaged work free of charge while also retrapping any new rats.

Proper Placement Of Snap Traps

Upon completion of sealing up the openings that the rodents have been getting in through, we will set a generous amount of humane rat traps in the recommended areas allowing  us to begin catching all the rodents that are now trapped inside your home or building.  Rodent glue boards versus our snap traps approach, do have their place; however, in many situations, we feel they’re not humane and in some situations cause rats and mice to even gnaw their legs off in an attempt to get away.  

Return and Remove

Within 1-3 days of the traps being set, our Tampa Rodent Control will arrange with your schedule to return to assess the activity, if any, and remove any roents that have been caught.  (To the lucky few…please understand that when we seal up your home or multiple-story building that we can’t always GUARANTEE we will actually catch a rodent.  In a select few cases the rats were not actually nesting in the structure when we sealed the last hole resulting in  your problem immediately being solved!)  Either way, we will still return and rebait and reset your traps and continue to monitor the catching process until we’re confident that your rodent problem is finally over.  All Rodents that are caught will be removed and deposed of away from your property.

If you’re looking for a Cost effective solution for your Tampa Rodent Control problem 

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