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Our Tampa Rodent Exterminator service is like none other.

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Schedule Your Tampa Rodent Inspection, Recommendation for only $89 (this is applied toward the cost of the work performed)

Upon arrival to your home, our owner David will:

Take the time to understand your personal challenges & experiences with these unwelcomed creatures invading your home.

Perform a thorough inspection of all potential and active openings at ground level and/or including your roofline

Talk with you about the findings and your problem areas

Discuss with you our included 1 yr unlimited return visit warranty & our upgraded pest control customer entitlement offering a lifetime rodent control warranty at NO extra charge

Once the work and price has been explained for the required exclusion work and trapping to your home or office building, our sealing up process work can either be scheduled for another date; or in many cases can begin on the spot

Immediately following the sealing up process, we will install plenty of Rat snap traps to quickly and efficiently bring all your now trapped rats to the afterlife :-)

We specialize in the Difficult Rodent Jobs

and are often informed that we are the 3rd or 4th company that has been hired because our competition has been unable to eliminate the rodent activity and/or reocurring problem within their home or office building.

Rest assured, once you are a one of our Tampa Rodent Exterminator customers, we will oversee your challenge like no other company has. First of all, we won’t give up.  We will carefully consider all options when putting your rodent plan together and throughout the process, we will constantly analyze our approach knowing that if you fail to plan, one has planned to fail.

It is with this approach and 20+ years of success with excluding rodents from homes and commercial buildings that David Nelson has been teaching his staff. Our services include us taking many additional measures that can include but are not limited to infrared detection throughout your attic and walls ensuring us precision and accuracy of any potential lingering rodent problem, along with many other creative methods that can be customized to your unique rodent re-infested structure.


Warranty to Keep Wildlife Out

Our rodent Guarantee is like none other…You will automatically have our One-Year Warranty or may choose our Lifetime Rat/Rodent warranty!

Clean Up the Animal Mess

Your next step to consider with your Tampa Rodent Exterminator is cleaning up the animal mess left behind. Any rodent problem addressed in a timely manner and not ignored will always ensure minimal concerns requiring the attention of Biohazard removal.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective Tampa Rodent Exterminator

CALL NOW!!!  813-994-1166 ~ 727-372-1175

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Small Business of the Year, St. Petersburg Times

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We proudly service the entire Tampa,Florida area.

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